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2020年4月18日 (土)

Business setup in Sharjah

Sharjah is catching up as an economical alternative to Dubai for  Starting a business in Sharjah due to the proximity of an International Airport and coupled ports on the west and east coasts of the Arabian Gulf having direct entrance to North Africa and the Indian Ocean. Its geographical location (at the junction of Asia, Africa, and Europe) offers unmatched opportunities for investors, and therefore sees the inrush of over 5.2 consumers, million investors, and travelers every year.

Sharjah is one of the safest global cities with a meagre crime rate and has an excess of economic energy supply. The judicial system in Sharjah is fair, and the economy is liberal with competitive fees structures and property lease rates. Additionally, there is the presence of a highly qualified and skilled workforce that is mostly bilingual and very economical. Moreover, there is a provision for sponsorship and visas for the entire staff with a 24X7 hotline that ensures an uninterrupted provision of labour and equipment.

Company Incorporation in Sharjah - An Overview

Sharjah is growing with economic expansion and is one of the most rewarding industrial destinations that bring foreign investment. The Government of Sharjah understands the significance of trade, service, and manufacturing sectors in supporting the country's economy, and has therefore devised policies that promote foreign investment.

Flexible government schemes have played a crucial role in gaining the faith of global investors, and have primarily devoted to the speedy and continued economic majority of the Emirate. Further, the business growth trend in Sharjah stays accurate as it has always maintained world economic ties and friendly trading connections with numerous nations across the world.

Setting up a business in Sharjah is a pathway to building long-term contacts and customer relations, and obtaining continuous trade orders in the U.A.E. Other reasons to consider company formation in Sharjah are:


  • Sharjah is a tax haven (no corporate or income tax)
  • It has a modern legal framework
  • There are no foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas
  • Security of investment
  • Sundry incentives from the Government of Sharjah for investors
  • Sharjah allows 100% international company ownership
  • 100% tax exemption for export, import, and all commercial levies
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • Sharjah free zone company formation has provision for warehousing facilities where investors can store goods for up to 2 months for free
  • Presence of multiple local and foreign banks, and an advanced communication system

With a decade of industry experience and local expertise, the trusted business specialists of We. Provide a platform for a seamless Business Setup in Sharjah.

Sharjah is home to a number of companies with local, national, and multi-national operations. The local government of Sharjah offers various incentives to startups and existing businesses planning an expansion. To make the process of setting up new ventures smooth and hassle-free, consult with our in-house business specialists.

We decade of domain experience and familiarity with Sharjah’s laws and regulations help us in the licensing and visa requirements of clients, review and submission of legal documents, and securing of approval from government authorities. We help ensure the task of company formation is completed smoothly and without any unnecessary bureaucratic hassle.

We help firms and entrepreneurs setup companies in Sharjah through incorporation, Company Formation in Sharjah, and consulting services. One of the main focus of our business setup solutions is to determine the right kind of license you need to start your business operations. Whether it’s professional, commercial, or industrial, our trusted business specialists will provide assistance in the best way possible.

Professional Licenses: Professional licenses are given to professionals, service providers, skilled laborers, and management consultants amongst others. To obtain a professional license in Sharjah and manage an organization, you must have all the required qualifications and requirements. We business specialists will act as the representatives of your business for the processing of work permits, visas, and license renewal(s).

Commercial Licenses: Commercial licenses that are issued by the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) are necessary for executing all kinds of buying and/or selling activities, including contracting and general trading, in Sharjah and the rest of the UAE. Take note: certain businesses including pharmacies, restaurants, and jewellery stores require additional licenses, permits, and approvals from related authorities.Our Business Setup team will facilitate the commercial company formation process, from the acquisition of a valid tenancy contract up to the review and submission of legal documents to safeguard your investment.

Industrial Licenses: An industrial license is compulsory in setting up any type of industrial or manufacturing business setup in Sharjah .The Emirate has stringent laws that ensure the community's safety.That being said, business setup in Sharjah involves the securing of approvals from regulatory bodies, including the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, and the Ministry of Economy amongst others.The business consultants here we will guide you throughout the licensing process, including registrations, preparation of requirements, and acquiring of approvals for business projects.


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